Loxley Hunting Whips - Handmade in England
Buy one similar to this from £120. Featured is a gentlemen's hunting whip complete with nickel-silver collar and leather keeper

The Finest Handmade Hunting Whips for Ladies & Gentlemen

Hunt Whips Hand-crafted in England  by PETER G. LOXLEY-SMITH

We are often asked what makes a Loxley hunting whip or crop stand out from the rest of the crowd. Our fifty odd Years experience taking apart and refurbishing all top makes of hunting & horse riding whips, gives us a unique insight of what makes the very best in hunting whips.

Our ladies, gentlemen's and child hunting whips are supplied as individual items or complete with a leather thong, 3 styles of antler hook and 3 lash colours. Engraving  of the collars is a further option.

General purpose Riding Crop / Stick in 2 styles priced from £55

In addition to our finest hunting whips we now offer you a
General Purpose Riding Crop / Stick in two antler styles priced from £55



 All of our Men’s, Ladies and Children’s hunting whips or hunting crops as they are often known are make to order. From date of order they can usually be dispatched within 14 working days for delivery throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Regrettably we are anable to accept any further orders at this time. email or call on 0044 (0)1380 870913.

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