Ladies Leather Plaited Hunting whip

Ladies Hunting Whip

Hunting Whip stock, handle & leather keeper

Ladies Hunt Whip


Beautiful ladies Leather Plaited Hunting whip stock with a 5” cross hatched Red stag hook to the stock with a strong nickel-silver or optional Sterling silver collar (+£44). The length including antler and stock is 16" x 16 mm diameter. Note: Please choose antler style A, B or C when ordering.

I offer you the choice of a 45” leather thong (+£27.00) or nylon thong (+£45) and lash fitted to the 5" keyhole keeper.  

Buy one similar to this.

We can’t guarantee the antler hook is going to be precisely the same as the ones shown, they will vary as they are organic. Delivery will be 7-10 days from time of ordering one of our Hunting whips as they are all individually made. 

If you have a particular requirement please e-mail me, I will do my best to comply.

Delivery Date: Due to the amount of orders & the Christmas Holidays all International and UK orders placed now will be shipped in January.

Collar Engraving

The standard Nickel-Silver or Optional Sterling-Silver Collar can be be engraved with a maximum of 8 characters, either letters or numbers at an additional cost of £10. If you require this service please enter your requirements in the box provided.

All my ladies hunting whips have a one year Warranty certificate with a unique number.